About us

Center Denticija is an odontology clinic in Vilnius, located in the very heart of the capital – Vilniaus g. 25

Why choose our clinic?

  • We have been chosen by 50 000 thousand clients.
  • We are one of the biggest odontology clinics in Vilnius.
  • Our clinic has 20 odontology specialists – professionals.
  • We provide all odontological services to adults and children:

– oral surgery,
– dental implants,
– professional oral hygiene,
– tooth whitening,
– dental prosthesis,
– dental root canal treatment,
– aesthetic filling,
– orthodontic treatment (brackets),
– periodontal disease treatment,
– radiological research,
– therapeutic dental treatment,
– pediatric odontology.

  • We belong to the biggest odontology clinic network in Lithuania.
  • We possess our individual dental laboratory, that is why we can guarantee You quick and comfortable procedures.
  • Denticija takes responsibility for the quality of its dental prostheses.
  • We provide the option to pay for odontological services in instalments.
  • The mission of our company is to provide clients with services and attendance of only the highest level, using modern up-to-date technologies and treatment methods.