After odontologic surgeries: 50% less pain and extremely quick healing

After odontologic surgeries: 50% less pain and extremely quick healing
As of now, we have started to apply a globally approved method for the treatment of our patients, metobiomembrane technique A-PRF (Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin). This technique accelerates the healing course approximately 40 to 50% and reduces pain after surgical procedures.

PRF biomembrane is a platelet-rich fibrin obtained from the patient’s blood. No chemicals are used to stimulate the healing process because the PRF active substance is the biologically active substance that is found in the patient’s blood.

Steps of PRF procedure:

  • blood is drawn from the patient’s vein before surgical intervention;
  • a test tube with blood is inserted into a special plasma centrifuge. During this process, various blood  cells are separated;
  • at the end of the surgical procedure, the operated area is covered with a biomembrane which is produced by utilizing the patient’s blood. The biomembrane protects the operation area from possible infection, and accelerates healing.

Advantages of the PRF treatment method:

  • bleeding control;
  • formation of new blood vessels;
  • stimulation of recovery of bone and mucosa;
  • decreased risk of postoperative complications;
  • prevention of swelling and inflammation;
  • formation of smaller cicatrix;
  • decreased need for pain relievers;
  • easier and quicker recovery after surgical interventions;
  • it is absolutely safe and does not require additional medications or chemicals;
  • it is extremely important to patients with a compromised immune system, diabetes, and for smokers.

PRF is used during the following procedures:

  • removal of teeth;
  • gum plastic surgery;
  • treatment of periodontium;
  • bone plastic surgery;
  • teeth implantation.
  • teeth removal;

Comment by surgeon Alexandr Gordevich

“This method is extremely important in maxillofacial surgery as it provides an opportunity to stop using medications and chemicals. The possibility arises to accelerate the healing of wounds, and to avoid postoperative pain and complications (inflammation, bleeding, smaller cicatrix). Although this is not a remedy for all diseases, it is extremely helpful for those who want to feel more confident, avoid pain, or are pushed for time, or have to hurry away”.