DAMON braces: revolution

DAMON braces: revolution
Braces and their revolution

“Image is everything”, say the advertisements for many products. This ironic phrase in reality is sometimes much more influential that we can imagine, both on a personal and professional level. A person’s appearance is the first information that helps newly-met people make judgments about others.

Nevertheless, many of us still choose to suffer from discomfort due to crooked teeth instead of solving this problem with the help of an orthodontist. Most are deterred by the long-term wearing of dental braces; others are afraid of pain or are convinced that teeth aligning systems are suitable only for children, and some believe that both their application and care takes too much time.

Is it possible to achieve a nice smile without pain?

Nowadays, a winning smile can be achieved without significant discomfort. Previously used systems for braces required more strength, and patients often experienced pain after every activation (“tightening”).

“Damon” braces have self-ligated brackets. Clinical studies have found that this technology allows reducing friction in the construction, and accelerates the treatment. “Damon” dental braces have different brackets compared with traditional braces; they do not have inlacing wires.

These dental braces are comprised of a fixing mechanism, i. e., small doors that get closed after application of the orthodontic arch. At the beginning of treatment due to the very thin arches, an extremely low yet permanent power is generated, and therefore the level of discomfort is much lower. “Damon” dental braces are suitable for extremely sensitive patients because this method of teeth alignment causes very little pain. It is important to note that such braces cause less mucosa scratching and they are easier to clean.

To those who always experience lack of time

Another advantage of “Damon” dental braces is that they are suitable for patients who live abroad or in another town and are unable to come monthly to their orthodontist for the activation. A patient wearing conventional dental braces must visit their doctor every 4 weeks on an average. The new generation teeth alignment using “Damon” dental braces allows for the enhancement of intervals between visits for up to 4 weeks. The whole treatment process is also shorter.

ortodontinis gydymas breketais

Comment by orthodontist Alicija Viduto-Sližauskienė:

“Orthodontics keeps pace with the time; it develops and applies novel technologies. Nowadays we are able to create a credible smile without pain, and enjoy such a smile more quickly”, says orthodontist Alicija Viduto-Sližauskienė. She tells that when occlusion is abnormal, the load in the oral cavity is distributed unevenly. Some teeth gain only a very low load or even no load at all, while others are overloaded. Due to this, teeth wear out more quickly; they may chip or break off. Finally, one may lose a tooth.

It is never too late

There is no age limit for this treatment, and therefore orthodontic therapy may be applied both in children and adults. “Damon” dental braces are suitable for resolving even extremely complicated situations when an occlusion should be corrected or for remodeling the smile of an adult person whose jaw bones are not as flexible as an adolescent’s.