Dental caries may be cured without drilling the tooth

Dental caries may be cured without drilling the tooth
Almost everyone is afraid of the dental drill; however, dental therapy without tooth drilling is no longer a fantasy – the odontologist Julija Vaščiūnaitė from the Center Denticija offers an alternative.

Material developed by the German company “Icon” can now offer an alternative for all patients who are fearful. This dental caries infiltration system provides the opportunity to stop in advance the development of dental caries and, what is even more important, to avoid intervention into healthy tissues.

The question is, how does it work?

The entire procedure is performed during one visit. Using special applicators, areas damaged by superficial caries are covered with fluid material. The procedure is painless, and therefore there is usually no need for local anesthesia. In the course of treatment, the dental surface is corroded with special acid, then is desiccated and finally covered with “Icon” material which starts to soak into the area damaged by caries. The same occurs when rainwater soaks dry soil.

Finally, the odontologist hardens this material using a fluorescent lamp. Obviously, “Icon” is most effective when there is no significant delay and the initial stages of dental caries are diagnosed.

Effectiveness of the procedure

A three-year clinical trial comparing the results between two groups of subjects, patients treated either with “Icon” or with fluorine therapy, showed that only one of 24 patients of the first group needed further treatment for dental caries. Eleven of 24 patients of the second group needed further treatment.

“Patients after having dental braces removed, often need this therapy. When a patient wears dental braces, appropriate oral hygiene is difficult, and therefore white patches are often visible on the dental surface. Not only are they unaesthetic, they also may progress and form deeper dental caries cavities”, says odontologist Julija Vaščiūnaitė from Center Denticija.

“A timely start of treatment with the “Icon” system may stop this progression, and an esthetic result may be visible immediately. It is very important that the treatment effect is long-lasting – dental surfaces covered with “Icon” are more resistant to the formation of new lesions (white patches).”

Therefore, patients who experience panic or fear of dental drills, should visit an odontologist office in a  hurry, and fight dental caries as soon as possible.