Aesthetic filling

Perhaps You are one of the people who are afraid to show people their smile and the reason of that is – cavities, yellow, cracked teeth that have lost their form? And You don‘t have any idea where to start in order to attain an attractive smile? Our aesthetic restoration specialist Greta Žumbakytė is happy to be able to help You.

What can an aesthetic filling specialist do that another type of odontologist cannot?

The benefit of this field of odontology is that it allows us to reach a great result for a relatively low price. This procedure is relevant to those who desire to retain as many dental tissues as possible, because during an aesthetic filling application only old fillings and cavity affected surfaces are eliminated, without altering healthy dental tissues.

Is aesthetic filling only done on front teeth?

No, that is incorrect. Even though a majority of people understand aesthetic filling as front teeth restoration only, this treatment is actually applied to back teeth as well.

How long does it take to attain a beautiful smile?

A huge benefit of aesthetic restoration is speed. Within the right conditions it is possible to restore all front teeth in one appointment. That is why the patient can leave with a new smile that very day.

You are one of the odontology specialists who often receives requests to make a perfect blinding-white smile. Can you fulfill these kind of wishes of your patients? How do you react to them?

Each patient has his own vision of a ‘perfect blinding-white smile’. I always try to stay as close as possible to the patient’s wishes. During the first appointment we discuss the patient’s expectations and possibilities. This is exactly how this field appeals to me. During a relatively short amount of time it is possible to do a big job, changing not only the shape of the tooth but the colour of it as well.  Of course I attempt to satisfy all my patient’s requests.

Are the procedures painful?

The procedure itself is definitely painless because it is done with local anesthesia. The least pleasurable part is injecting medicine, although before I do it, I use topical local anesthesia, during which I apply a painkilling substance on the gums. So, the discomfort of having medicine injected is minimized to a full extent.

Do aesthetically restored teeth require any special care?

After an aesthetic filling procedure one should follow the basic oral hygiene rules, as well as try not to use toothbrushes with hard bristles or toothpastes containing abrasive components. Otherwise, the aesthetically filled teeth may lose their glimmer. If you visit an oral hygienist once every six months, you can enjoy a beautiful smile for a long time.

Consultations and diagnostics

Dentist consultation
14-17 €
Dentist-specialist consultation
20-25 €
Dentist consultation and treatment planning
30-40 €
Hygienist consultation (for teeth whitening)
8 €
Digital dental X-ray (our clinic patients)
6 €
Dental X-ray
7 €
Panoramic dental X-ray (digital)
18 €
Panoramic dental X-ray (printed format)
20 €
3D computer tomography (for clinics for clients)
55 €

Therapy and endodontics

Dental filling, 1 surface
39-50 €
Dental filling, 2 surface
50-65 €
Dental filling, 3 surface
62-80 €
Glass ionomer curing composite
35 €
Glass ionomer base
5 €
Dental crown restoration of light curing composite filling
78-89 €
Working length determination of 1 root canal
33 €
Formation of 1 root canal
23 €
1 root canal filling
28-38 €
1 root canal treatment during one visit
92 €
Temporary filler / composite
8 €
Calcium hydroxide introduction to the canal
10 €
Applying devitalizing paste
15 €
Closure of perforation using MTA
37-43 €
Use of a microscope (up to 30 min.)
19-31 €
Removal of a foreign body from a canal
30-37 €
Removing lab-made inlay, fragment plug
30-44 €
Incisor tooth
from 110 €
Molar tooth
from 98 €
Aesthetic restoration of dental crown
from 145 €