Anesthesia without pain

The new technology “QuickSleeper5” allows the odontologist to perform dental anesthesia without any pain. You are wondering how could it be? It is absolutely true in our clinic.

Dental anesthesia is performed using a modern device and therefore the patient does not feel any needle prick or pain during the injection of the anesthetic.

The biggest advantage of this technology

The patient does not feel discomfort due to numbness of the whole cheek, lip, tongue and other tissues of the face. Just after rising from the odontologist chair, the patient is able to perform her daily routine: she can speak, and drink and chew normally. And all this occurs without unpleasant numbness.

Advantages of the technology “QuickSleeper5” for the patient:
  • it is an absolutely painless procedure;
  • the patient experiences no discomfort due to numbness of cheek, lip and tongue;
  • it is a safe procedure even for children (especially for those who are afraid of needles);
  • one anesthesia is enough to treat several adjacent teeth;
  • there is no risk of biting the tongue, lip or cheek (especially in children);
  • the effect is immediate, there is no need to fear future pain;
  • immediately after treatment, the patient is able to speak, and drink and chew normally.
Fields of application

This computer-controlled method of dental anesthesia is applied in a number of dental procedures: tooth filling, root canal treatment, tooth extraction, treatment of pulpitis (inflammation).

Pediatric dentistry is an extremely important field of application because this procedure is painless and there is no risk of biting soft tissues. It is worth noting that by using the “QuickSleeper5” device, traditional methods of anesthesia, such as infiltration, intraligament, intraseptal, and conduction anesthesia may be performed.