Children’s dentistry

Dear parents,

Three of the four children in the country have teeth damaged by caries, or in other words – decay. This is not surprising, because there is still a myth in Lithuania that children’s primary teeth are not worth treating.

Our clinic‘s pediatric odontologist Julija Vaščiūnaitė will make sure that the little ones do not experience any pain. When you arrive you can rest assured that Your children will receive the utmost attention, understanding and if needed will have the option to take a break to rest and let the fear go. The first dental visit for the little ones is usually introductory.

Special skill possesing pediatric odontologist:

● at first introduces the child to the odontologist’s office and allows him or her to explore and get used to its surroundings and instruments, answers all the child’s questions;
● does a prophylactic check-up, prepares the child mentally;
● cleans the child’s teeth with prophylactic toothpaste and strengthens with fluoride polish;
● restores primary and permanent teeth;
● treats dental root canals;
● completes a prophylactic coating of tooth surfaces using dental sealants;
● teaches children how to brush their teeth properly,
● after the first visit it is usually advised to come in once every six months for a prophylactic check-up;
● the children are given little rewards for being brave.

IMPORTANT! Statistics from various researches in Lithuania: (source: ELTA):

● 52 percent of boys and 48 percent of girls already have developed primary dental caries by the age of 3;
● 94 percent of children have been diagnosed with caries by the age of 6;
● 84-100 percent
● of children of 12 years old and above have this disease as well.
● By comparison, in Scandinavian countries as much as 63 percent
● of 12 year old children do not have any cavity-damaged teeth.

Dear parents, your patience and attentiveness is vitally important and is what your children‘s dental health depends on, too.  Mutual communication and assistance is important in order to form a positive child‘s outlook on his or her dental care and treatment.

The first visit to the odontologists‘ must be fascinating and anxiety-free, that is why it is important to pay a visit when a child is healthy. An early relationship with a specialist helps evade stress and uncomfortable emotions later on.

When permanent molars erupt, a child should also visit dentist’s office. He will cover the teeth grooves with a special material – sealants. Regular visits to dental specialists will ensure that your children will not have any serious and severe dental and oral diseases in the future.

Consultations and diagnostics

Dentist consultation
14-17 €
Dentist-specialist consultation
20-25 €
Dentist consultation and treatment planning
30-40 €
Hygienist consultation (for teeth whitening)
8 €
Digital dental X-ray (our clinic patients)
6 €
Dental X-ray
7 €
Panoramic dental X-ray (digital)
18 €
Panoramic dental X-ray (printed format)
20 €
3D computer tomography (for clinics for clients)
55 €

Paediatric dentistry

Teeth cleaning
14 €
Dental hygiene training
6 €
Psychological preparation by cognitive-demonstrative methodology
15 €
Deciduous tooth filling using glass ionomer filling
28-38 €
Deciduous tooth filling using glass compomeric filling (coloured)
40 €
Treatment of deciduous tooth pulpit and filling within one visit
49 €
Extraction of deciduous tooth
15 - 27 €
Filling tooth fissures with sealant
15 €
Tooth restoration (crown)
52 €