Dental filling

Dental cavities (caries) – one of the most common diseases in the world from which more than 90 percent of people‘s teeth in the world are damaged.

This problem comes from microelement (e.g., fluoride and calcium) and vitamin deficiency, excessive carbohydrate intake and from a weakened chewing function due to eating shredded food. Weakened enamel creates the conditions for oral bacteria and virus enzymes to easily dissolve enamel.

What kind of symptoms indicate dental cavities (caries)?

During early stages caries is noticeable as a small stain on the enamel‘s surface or in its pits. Later a cavity begins to appear on that stain, it expands and reaches the tooth’s pulp.


● tooth sensitivity,
● toothache or sting when eating cold, hot, sweet and sour products,
● difficulty chewing food,
● tooth enamel erosion,
● low salivary flow and low stomach acid production causing digestive problems.

How is dental caries treated?

First and foremost the odontologist will look at your teeth, he will evaluate the damage and choose the most suitable treating method. Often a dental cavity is treated quickly and easily with dental restoration (filling).

During dental restoration the tooth’s enamel as well as the dentin and dental nerve tissues are preserved, infection is stopped from spreading to inner teeth structures or bone tissues.

Dental filling

When treating cavity-damaged teeth, Clinic Center Denticija uses dental supplies of the highest quality, local anesthesia is possible if requested, the following types of fillings are available for treatment:

● light-curing filling which solidifies under light curing equipment,
● glass ionomer cement filling,
● composite or flowable compomer filling,
● when needed – aesthetic dental crown restoration procedure (aesthetic filling).

Therapy and endodontics

Dental filling, 1 surface
39-50 €
Dental filling, 2 surface
50-65 €
Dental filling, 3 surface
62-80 €
Glass ionomer curing composite
35 €
Glass ionomer base
5 €
Dental crown restoration of light curing composite filling
78-89 €
Working length determination of 1 root canal
33 €
Formation of 1 root canal
23 €
1 root canal filling
28-38 €
1 root canal treatment during one visit
92 €
Temporary filler / composite
8 €
Calcium hydroxide introduction to the canal
10 €
Applying devitalizing paste
15 €
Closure of perforation using MTA
37-43 €
Use of a microscope (up to 30 min.)
19-31 €
Removal of a foreign body from a canal
30-37 €
Removing lab-made inlay, fragment plug
30-44 €
Incisor tooth
from 110 €
Molar tooth
from 98 €
Aesthetic restoration of dental crown
from 145 €