Wisdom teeth extraction

Wisdom (eighth) teeth are a problem which ought to be reacted to as soon as possible. These teeth are found in both jaws and through lack of space usually fail to emerge fully or tend to emerge improperly.

Why remove wisdom teeth?

Crooked wisdom teeth lean on molar teeth, that is why it is difficult to clean the gap between them, plaque and bacteria begin to gather which over time lead to dental caries, periodontal diseases and can cause the decay of not only wisdom teeth but surrounding teeth as well.

When is wisdom teeth extraction necessary?

It is recommended to remove these teeth before 25 years old, then the probability of complications is at a minimum. During removal of wisdom teeth in a person that is 10 years older there is more risk of pain, infection and nerve damage, the healing takes longer.

If you begin to feel ache, gnawing pain, discomfort in places where eighth teeth grow, do not hesitate and consult an oral surgeon who will thoroughly evaluate the state of Your teeth, gums and jawbone.

The procedure is completely devoid of pain

Odontology clinic Center Denticija doctors and surgeons will make sure that the extraction of wisdom teeth will not cause You any discomfort and most importantly – pain. You will have local anesthetics injected, and if asked, the oral surgeon will provide You with fear and stress relieving medication.

After the extraction:

● the biggest amount of discomfort is felt three days after the operation;
● in the case of acute pain, oral surgeon will prescribe pain relieving medicine;
● often wounds are stitched in order to stop the bleeding and make treatment faster, so after 1-2 weeks after the operation the surgeon will remove the threads.
● suture removal is a completely painless procedure, lasting barely a few minutes.

24 hours after the operation it is advised:

● not to smoke and not drink alcohol;
● not have very hot drinks, to eat soft foods;
● avoid physical activity;
● in the case of swelling, use ice by holding it on the surface of the operated area;
● rinse mouth with special mouthwash;
● follow the doctor’s recommendations.

Consultations and diagnostics

Dentist consultation
14-17 €
Dentist-specialist consultation
20-25 €
Dentist consultation and treatment planning
30-40 €
Hygienist consultation (for teeth whitening)
8 €
Digital dental X-ray (our clinic patients)
6 €
Dental X-ray
7 €
Panoramic dental X-ray (digital)
18 €
Panoramic dental X-ray (printed format)
20 €
3D computer tomography (for clinics for clients)
55 €

Oral surgery

Removing a 3rd degree mobility tooth
22 €
Permanent tooth (depending on complexity)
39-77 €
Third molar tooth (depending on complexity)
50-90 €
Surgical extraction of tooth
110-138 €
Extraction of impacted tooth
165 €
Odontogenic cyst surgery (up to 1 cm)
55 €
Odontogenic cyst surgery (from 1 cm)
110 €
Incision (cut)
17 €
Hemisection, amputation
72 €
Root apex resection (not including materials price)
72 €
Filling a resected root (MTA)
31 €
Surgical treatment of alveolitis (1 tooth)
11 €
Oral tissue biopsy for cytological investigation
44 €
Implantation of “Straumann” (Switzerland) SLA implants
670 €
Implantation of “Straumann” (Switzerland) SLA implants (2nd, 3rd tooth)
630 €
Implantation of “Straumann” (Switzerland) SLA Active implants
730 €
Implantation of “Straumann” (Switzerland) SLA Active implants (2nd, 3rd tooth)
690 €
Gum forming using a healing cup (one implant), “Straumann”
70 €
Implantation of “Medentika” (Germany) implants
485 €
Gum forming using a healing cup (one implant), “Medentika”
70 €
Closed sinus lift surgery (excluding material costs)
220 €
Open sinus lift surgery, 1 tooth (excluding material costs)
418 €
Bone grafting using autogenous bone block graft, 1 tooth
693 €