Professional oral hygiene

Professional oral hygiene is necessary, in order to retain and enjoy a healthy mouth for a long time.

Odontology clinic center Denticija dental hygienists are oriented towards a thorough inspection of their patients‘ oral health, a diagnosis of symptoms, related to oral diseases, and the patient‘s education.

Oral hygiene is not limited merely to a toothbrush and floss

In order for the mouth to be properly maintained, it is not enough to brush teeth in the morning and evening, and to sometimes use dental floss or mouthwash. These oral care products cannot 100 percent eliminate plaque (soft deposits) and calculus (hard deposits) which accumulate in Your mouth. A toothbrush, even when used effectively, only cleans 60 percent of the tooth’s surface.

Plaque and calculus formation is associated with bad breath, bad taste in the mouth and dental caries. However, that is not the worst that can possibly happen. Plaque and calculus build-up, which is not eliminated in time, increases the risk to develop diseases of the mucous membrane and periodontitis, which can result in teeth falling out.

During the visit You will be provided with these services:

● With the help of intraoral cameras the doctor will allow You to be involved in the treatment process and will show You photos of Your mouth‘s condition before and after the procedure is complete.
● Despite the procedure not being painful, if asked, the hygienist will provide You with local anesthesia.
● With the help of an ultrasonic scaler, air abrasion and other special instruments, soft and hard plaque build-ups are cleared from all tooth surfaces and periodontal pockets; KAWO pearls are used for tooth polishing.
● Pigmentation, formed due to constant tea and coffee drinking as well as smoking, is removed using the AIR-FLOW system (a strong water and high pressure air flow along with potassium carbonate powder).
● Teeth and dental fillings are polished with a special brush and paste so that plaque would accumulate slower.
● If indicated, fluoride varnish, which helps protect teeth from caries, is applied.
● After the procedure, the doctor answers all the patient‘s questions, chooses the most suitable toothpaste, brush, mouthwash, etc. for the patient.

Don’t forget. Professional mouth hygiene is prophylaxis.

Consultations and diagnostics

Dentist consultation
14-17 €
Dentist-specialist consultation
20-25 €
Dentist consultation and treatment planning
30-40 €
Hygienist consultation (for teeth whitening)
8 €
Digital dental X-ray (our clinic patients)
6 €
Dental X-ray
7 €
Panoramic dental X-ray (digital)
18 €
Panoramic dental X-ray (printed format)
20 €
3D computer tomography (for clinics for clients)
55 €

Professional oral hygiene, teeth whitening

Individual oral hygiene training, cleaning tools selection
6 €
Removal of dental deposits using “Air flow” method and polishing (1 tooth)
3 €
Removal of dental deposits (1 tooth)
3 €
Sensitive teeth neck applications with fluoride varnish or other materials
8 €
Professional oral hygiene
from 55 €
Teeth whitening using PHILIPS ZOOM system (two jaws)
290 €
Teeth whitening using PHILIPS ZOOM system (two jaws) (two syringes for bleaching at home. Aligners not included)
330 €
Teeth whitening using BEYOND system (one jaw)
102 €
Teeth whitening using BEYOND system (two jaws)
185 €