Root canal treatment

The main goal of endodontic therapy is the elimination of microorganisms in the root canals and protection of surrounding tissues from infection.

The root canal must be mechanically cleaned, formed and carefully, hermetically filled. Poorly healed dental root canals are a source of pertaining infection.The root canal must be mechanically cleaned, formed and carefully, hermetically filled. Poorly healed dental root canals are a source of pertaining infection.

From the dental root canals it spreads into tissues around the tip of the root, causing bone destruction in the jawbone itself.

3 success-guaranteeing steps in endodontic therapy:

1. Mechanical root canal preparation during which up to 50 percent of microorganisms are eliminated.
2. Chemical root canal preparation during which 30-40 percent of microorganisms are eliminated.
3. Quality restoration – homogeneous root canal system filling in three-dimensional space up to the dentinocemental junction.

During this process up to 10 percent of microoorganisms are ‘built in‘ into the filling substance.

Treatment methods

During endodontic treatment mechanical instrumentation, ultrasound as well as disinfection with special solutions is used.

For the purpose of better results Clinic center Denticija also uses a microscope and laser.

‘A laser has several unique advantages. First of all, the fact that the appliance of a laser does not cause any pain to the patient. Secondly – the procedure is done remarkably fast. The dental root canal is fixed in barely 30-60 seconds. I think this choice is very appealing to people because the pace of life is so much faster nowadays, people are hurrying everywhere and definitely do not want to spend long and painful hours in an odontologist‘s office‘, – said doctor-odontologist Jūratė Lybaitė, providing endodontic services.

With antibacterial qualities of this technology we are able to avoid complications like inflammation, swelling, pain.

Symptoms, indicating the need for endodontic treatment

Pain, gum swelling, long-lasting sensitivity to heat or cold, irritable sensations while chewing food, sometimes a notice of change in a tooth‘s colour are all indications that it is time to consult a specialist as soon as possible.

Consultations and diagnostics

Dentist consultation
14-17 €
Dentist-specialist consultation
20-25 €
Dentist consultation and treatment planning
30-40 €
Hygienist consultation (for teeth whitening)
8 €
Digital dental X-ray (our clinic patients)
6 €
Dental X-ray
7 €
Panoramic dental X-ray (digital)
18 €
Panoramic dental X-ray (printed format)
20 €
3D computer tomography (for clinics for clients)
55 €

Therapy and endodontics

Dental filling, 1 surface
39-50 €
Dental filling, 2 surface
50-65 €
Dental filling, 3 surface
62-80 €
Glass ionomer curing composite
35 €
Glass ionomer base
5 €
Dental crown restoration of light curing composite filling
78-89 €
Working length determination of 1 root canal
33 €
Formation of 1 root canal
23 €
1 root canal filling
28-38 €
1 root canal treatment during one visit
92 €
Temporary filler / composite
8 €
Calcium hydroxide introduction to the canal
10 €
Applying devitalizing paste
15 €
Closure of perforation using MTA
37-43 €
Use of a microscope (up to 30 min.)
19-31 €
Removal of a foreign body from a canal
30-37 €
Removing lab-made inlay, fragment plug
30-44 €
Incisor tooth
from 110 €
Molar tooth
from 98 €
Aesthetic restoration of dental crown
from 145 €