Aleksandras Gordevičius

  • Aleksandras Gordevičius

    Trumpa biografija:

    • 2008-2010 m. dirbo VšĮ Vilniaus universiteto onkologijos institute, Galvos ir kaklo skyriuje veido ir žandikaulių chirurgu;
    • 2004-2008 m. dirbo VšĮ Vilniaus universiteto ligoninės Žalgirio klinikoje, būtinoji odontologinė pagalba;
    • 2008 m. Vilniaus universitete įgijo Medicinos gydytojo profesinę kvalifikaciją;
    • 2008 m. Vilniaus universitete įgijo Gydytojo veido ir žandikaulių chirurgo profesinę kvalifikaciją;
    • 2003 m. Vilniaus universitete įgijo gydytojo odontologo profesinę kvalifikaciją;
    • 2002 m. studijos Malmo universitete, Švedijoje, Faculty of Odontology Centre for Oral Health Sciences.

    Kvalifikaciją kėlė:

    • 2015 m. Vilnius, Implant dentistry. Surgical and orthopedical aspects.
    • 2015 m. Vilnius, Quintessence of periodontology and implantology.
    • 2015 m. Frankfurtas, Vokietija, Platelet Rich Fibrin intensive course Advanced PRF and injectable –PRF.
    • 2015 m. Kaunas, Immediate implantation and stability of peri-implant tissue.
    • 2014 m. Vilnius, Appliance of orthodontical mini-implants theoretical and practical aspects.
    • 2014 m. Vilnius, Regenerative technique in periodontology and implantology. Management of soft and hard tissue.
    • 2014 m. Druskininkai, From idea to achievements.
    • 2012 m. Kaunas, Interdisciplinary aspects of Craniomandibular discrepancies.
    • 2012 m. Druskininkai, Dentistry today and tomorrow.
    • 2011 m. Vilnius, The first medical aid. Infections control in dentistry. Professional ethics.
    • 2011 m. Vilnius, Management of medical waste.
    • 2011 m. Druskininkai, Oral health for everyone.
    • 2010 m. Vilnius, Education of specialist who’s involved in lowering patients morbidity and mortality from oncological disease.
    • 2010 m. Kaunas, Second International BOA congress for dentists. New Achievements in Implant Dentistry.
    • 2009 m. Vilnius, Reconstruction of Alveolar Jaw Bone With Bone Block.
    • 2009 m. Vilnius, Innovations in Minimally Invasive Surgery.
    • 2009 m. Varšuva, Lenkija, 5th International Specialization and Advancement Course on Cranio-Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery neoplasms of the head and the neck region.
    • 2009 m. Vilnius, New technologies in the nose and paranasal sinuses surgery.
    • 2009 m. Kaunas, Thoughtful Look to the Nowadays Problems in Oral Implantology.
    • 2009 m. Trakai, Patient Safety in Dentistry.
    • 2009 m. Vilnius, Infection Control in Dentistry.
    • 2009 m. Vilnius, Management of Medical Emergencies in Dental Office.
    • 2009 m. Vilnius, Primary Resuscitation and First Aid.
    • 2009 m. Vilnius, Implantation in Posterior Teeth Region. Sinus Lift.
    • 2009 m. Vilnius, A New Approach to Surgical Dermatology.
    • 2009 m. Varšuva, Lenkija, 3rd International Specialization and Advancement Course on Cranio-Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery. Diagnosis, differential diagnosis and treatment of specific and unspecific inflammations of soft and hard tissues of the face and the neck, directions of spreading and treatment management of abscesses and phlegmones of the face.
    • 2009 m. Vilnius, Rhinologic Pathology: Diagnosis and Treatment.
    • 2008 m. Vilnius, 3rd Baltic region scientific conference of dentistry.
    • 2008 Maskva, Rusija, Modern Implant Dentistry: Current Concepts in Surgical and Prosthodontic Treatment.
    • 2008 m. Varšuva, Lenkija, 2nd International Specialization and Advancement Course on Cranio-Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery: Etiopathogenesis, morphology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis and surgical treatment of congenital and acquired maxillofacial and occlusal defects.
    • 2008 Talinas, Estija, Regional AO Craniomaxillofacial Principles Course.
    • 2007 m. Los Andželas, Kalifornija, Minec&University of California Los Angeles. Course of Advanced Implant Dentistry.
    • 2006 m. Kaunas, “Baltic Compass Oulu-Kaunas Project”.
    • 2006 m. Ryga, Latvija, 8th Joint Symposium Rostock-Ryga. Pathology and surgery of salivary glands.
    • 2005 m. Kaunas, Treatment of Mandibular Condylar Process Fractures.
    • 2004 m. Kaunas, Comprehensive Treatment of Orthodontic Anomalies.

    Visuomeninė veikla :

    • Lietuvos Respublikos odontologų rūmų narys.

    Licencija Nr. OPL-03665

    Consultations and diagnostics

    Dentist consultation
    14-17 €
    Dentist-specialist consultation
    20-25 €
    Dentist consultation and treatment planning
    30-40 €
    Hygienist consultation (for teeth whitening)
    8 €
    Digital dental X-ray (our clinic patients)
    6 €
    Dental X-ray
    7 €
    Panoramic dental X-ray (digital)
    18 €
    Panoramic dental X-ray (printed format)
    20 €
    3D computer tomography (for clinics for clients)
    55 €

    Oral surgery

    Removing a 3rd degree mobility tooth
    22 €
    Permanent tooth (depending on complexity)
    39-77 €
    Third molar tooth (depending on complexity)
    50-90 €
    Surgical extraction of tooth
    110-138 €
    Extraction of impacted tooth
    165 €
    Odontogenic cyst surgery (up to 1 cm)
    55 €
    Odontogenic cyst surgery (from 1 cm)
    110 €
    Incision (cut)
    17 €
    Hemisection, amputation
    72 €
    Root apex resection (not including materials price)
    72 €
    Filling a resected root (MTA)
    31 €
    Surgical treatment of alveolitis (1 tooth)
    11 €
    Oral tissue biopsy for cytological investigation
    44 €
    Implantation of “Straumann” (Switzerland) SLA implants
    670 €
    Implantation of “Straumann” (Switzerland) SLA implants (2nd, 3rd tooth)
    630 €
    Implantation of “Straumann” (Switzerland) SLA Active implants
    730 €
    Implantation of “Straumann” (Switzerland) SLA Active implants (2nd, 3rd tooth)
    690 €
    Gum forming using a healing cup (one implant), “Straumann”
    70 €
    Implantation of “Medentika” (Germany) implants
    485 €
    Gum forming using a healing cup (one implant), “Medentika”
    70 €
    Closed sinus lift surgery (excluding material costs)
    220 €
    Open sinus lift surgery, 1 tooth (excluding material costs)
    418 €
    Bone grafting using autogenous bone block graft, 1 tooth
    693 €