Laser treatment of periodontal diseases: minimum intervention with maximum effect

Laser treatment of periodontal diseases: minimum intervention with maximum effect
“SIROLaser Advance” odontologic laser is a device for accelerating the healing process and diminishing postoperative pain.

Laser advantages in periodontology

Odontologist Alina Barkauskaitė, who provides periodontology services, emphasizes that laser treatment is painless: “Mild bleeding may occur after the first procedure; however it is not greater than after the usual oral hygiene procedure. During laser therapy, the patient feels only the initial insertion, and that is all”.

Laser in periodontology occupies a niche between surgical and non-surgical treatment. “The patient feels only the insertion of the optical fiber into the gingival pocket. A high-power laser pulse affects the tissue of the gingival pocket, and when a lower power is applied, only the microorganisms residing in the gingival pouch are affected. During the first laser procedure, 2-watt power energy is used; when the result is observed, I reduce the power during the next treatments”, says odontologist A. Barkauskaitė.

The specialist, A. Barkauskaitė applied this method for many patients. “Treatment was successful in all patients. Excellent outcomes were achieved in one woman with extremely swollen gums with obvious inflammation. After three procedures (this is the minimum number of procedures necessary for treatment of gingival pouch – editor’s note), an apparent benefit was observed. Actually, after the second procedure, we already achieved the desirable result: healthy appearance of non-swollen gums, healthy color, an “orange peel” appearance”.

Odontologist A. Barkauskaitė envisages extremely high benefits in laser physiotherapy: “Tissues absorb laser energy which stimulates metabolism, and toxin removal is accelerated as well as the healing process”, says the doctor.

Herpes treatment with laser

“All of the odontologists in our clinic, including myself, use a laser to treat herpes. Crust immediately covers the wound when a laser is used. The solution of the problem is painless and effective”, the odontologist shares with us her positive experience. The earlier the problem is identified, the better and quicker are the outcomes of herpes laser treatment.

Laser treatment  is also used in other areas of odontology

Surgery. Removal of benign soft tissue formations, opening of an impacted tooth, plastic surgery of lingual and lip frenulum, plastic repair of gum contour, and elongation of the dental crown.

Endodontology. Reducing of the number of bacteria in the dental canal.

“SIROLaser Advance” is a novel device that may help to avoid pain, facilitates the healing process, and makes the visit to the odontologist much more pleasant.