Tooth brushing in the morning and in the evening does not guarantee healthy teeth

Tooth brushing in the morning and in the evening does not guarantee healthy teeth
Inhabitants of our capital are well aware what the quick pace of life means. There is little free time, and this may be harmful for our health. The oral hygienist working for Center Denticija, Sandra Petrovaitė, knows that it is a big problem to find time for tooth brushing. However, according to this specialist sometimes you should use your imagination.

– Every day you meet people who complain of various problems. What should draw their attention in order for them to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile?

–  Only correct everyday dental care may guarantee a nice and healthy smile. We all understand that “holey” teeth are evil, but usually we become anxious only when bleeding from gums or foul breath occur, or even worse, when irreversible processes such as periodontal diseases develop. I constantly remind my patients that only individual oral hygiene and care are of most importance in order to maintain healthy teeth. Definitely, there is no need to state that you inherited unhealthy teeth from your grandmother (smiles – editor’s note).

– Probably only a minority of people take the recommended daily time for tooth brushing. Usually this process takes one or, at most, two minutes. How much time should dental care take in order to maintain a healthy smile?

– I have noticed that for most of my patients, tooth brushing takes no more than one minute. Why? I think they lack knowledge about correct tooth brushing, their skills are not developed, in simple words people do not know what to do with a tooth brush for five minutes before the mirror. So-called “teeth rasping” sometimes brings more harm than good; it may cause sensitivity or enamel defects. Inadequate means are also used, and most of people like hard tooth brushes which, in my opinion, are suitable only for shoe polishing (smiles – editor’s note). In fact, if every day we would take care of our teeth correctly, use brushes for interdental spaces, and dental floss, it would take us much more than five minutes.

–  Many public statements can be found concerning the necessity to brush your teeth both in the morning and in the evening. And what is the reality?

– Talking to my patients, I always emphasize that they should brush their teeth when they have time. In the morning people usually are jumping to work, in the evening they are usually too tired. The essence of tooth brushing is to destroy the bacterial colony that is stuck to the surface of the tooth and secretes toxins. All of that gets renewed within 24 hours. If a person brushes his teeth correctly at 6 pm and decides to have a little snack before going to bed, I don’t think it’s a serious sin.

–  So what would you advise to those who are always in a hurry and have no time for dental care?

– They can use their spare time while going to work or waiting in a traffic jam. A single tooth-brushing works very well in these cases. Doing this, you do not need any water. Another method is using a toothbrush in the evening while watching TV. The time watching your favorite TV series or news goes very quickly and you will not even realize that you took enough time for tooth brushing. It is difficult to stay behind the mirror in the bathroom for 15 minutes, so improvisation is really helpful.