Watch what odontologists are doing in your mouth

Watch what odontologists are doing in your mouth
A digital intraoral camera is an extremely important instrument that provides patients with detailed information about their oral health and good, or, vice versa, very poor oral hygiene.

This small device allows doctors to magnify images of your oral cavity up to 100 times. The camera has a deep probing range into the field and its natural colors. This seems implausible; however, it is true.

The intraoral camera is an instrument allowing patients to be involved in the treatment process: “The patient can see images of his oral cavity before and after treatment. It is impossible for the naked eye. I would like to point out that when patients look at the image of their oral cavity they get scared. The image they observe replaces a 1000-word explanation”, says oral hygienist Sandra Petrovaitė describing her experience.

In 2010, the public odontology products evaluation office, Clinicians Report, nominated this intraoral camera as the best camera in the market.

“It helps me to develop a more accurate treatment plan; the camera also allows me to compare treatment results with the baseline situation”, said S. Petrovaitė.

Definitely yes! When an intraoral camera is used, dental caries may be diagnosed in an early stage, and oral hygiene is performed with extreme accuracy and care.